David Fox

Robert Fox

WebVisison Bike Hugger Photo BoothMatt Haughey

I ride for fun, doing mostly just Short Track and Cyclocross racing in the lower classes. When I’m not on my bike I can be found behind the lens, shooting photos at all the races. And I’m not just a member of the team, I’m also the main sponsor, having created MetaFilter over fourteen years ago.

6225021330_5641435c3f_bJenny Jackson

Health, fitness, and food are a few of my favorite things. I ride because I love to move, am very fond of the outdoors, crave challenges to my mind and body, and enjoy spending time with like-minded people. My lofty cycling goals for 2010 include: the ability to honestly say “that was fun!” at the end of 97% of my rides/races, improve my strength, speed, and skill on the bike, and discover the perfect, homemade fuel for long rides. Currently, banana pancake with nutella sandwich is at the top of the list.

4877794477_8d3f6067e6Patrick Jackson

Cycling is a life long passion of mine. Not many things can compare withriding with some good friends out in the woods (or even on the road). Racing seems to bring us all together for a common goal of riding hard and having a good time. My 2010 goals are to: try to ride my training rides with a little (not too much) more purpose so that come race day I can finish with a little more consistency, a2.5 mile wheelie would be good,andI would love to crack the top 21% in the Across field. Also, I am still looking for the magic tubular glue that never comes loose under “normal cyclocross riding”.

Tyler Jackson

Phil Litchfield

Mike Lindley

I am a simple man with a few core beliefs. One of them is that bikes should be used as often and in as many ways as possible. Racing, touring, commuting, bar crawling, grocery shopping, riding to the Saturday market, or simply riding with no purpose other than to ride. Another belief is always try to buy local – give your neighbor your money not some far off corporation sucking the money out of our community. So for me being a part of the Buy Local cycling team is pure nirvana! I am also a fan of Nirvana…

8295154302_bea687d9ee_oSuzanne Marcoe

I started riding and racing bikes during my college days on the east coast, and despite a short hiatus or two since then, cycling in one form or another has been a huge part of my life ever since. I race because I love riding in different places, challenging myself, and hanging out with great people, like my teammates. As for goals, I’d like to ride a 100 mile mtb race, learn to train with something resembling discipline, and do a lot more touring. Oh, and most importantly, learn to bunnyhop cross barriers.

4878403366_4ce8509f81_bJeff McNamee

Over a cycling lifetime I have learned two truths; bikes are good and bikey people are great. My goal for this is to support this team and maybe even enter a race or two. I’m also the founder of the Salem Area Trail Alliance, looking to expand the amount of trail riding available in the area while also attracting tourists to the great riding in the area.

6225029428_7695a8e9de_bDusty Miller

I did my first Mountain Bike race in 1997 and was hooked. I raced until 2003 and then took a break, started a career and got married. After realizing that an athletes diet only works when you are an athlete I realized that I needed an active outlet. So I began racing in 2009 and realized that I am still hooked. My goal is to try to keep up in the CAT 1 mountain bike field (mixing in some cross and road too), while still living a balanced life.

Martha Paulus

Alison Paulus

I like the feeling of being able to hammer up a big hill. I like to ride all kinds of bikes: mountain bikes, cross bikes, road bikes. In my heyday I used to ride and race a lot, now I have two awesome little boys and I am happy to get out and ride when I can. I love Buy Local because the team is made up of great people who like to have a good time and ride bikes. There is lots of support and cheering for team mates when they race and that feels good. Go team!

David Rasca

Spencer Rockwell

Born and raised in Salem, I’m a long time bike rider, first a mountain biker who hated riding on the road, to a mountain biker at heart that gets just as much fun out of the road as the trail. I love riding with friends, and the solitude of riding alone. I like steel bikes and carbon bikes and don’t much care for the stuff in between. I have raced a few races over the years—none very successfully. My goal for 2012 is to get in race a race and actually have a plan.

photo (10)Jarod Seaman

After taking a short 15 year hiatus from cycling to pursue other ventures, my passion for cycling never faded and I kept finding myself drawn to the bike. Then in 2011 I discovered this crazy thing called Cyclocross, and I was hooked on cycling once again much to my wife’s dismay. Thanks, to a Buy Local team member I was able to score a sweet cross-bike for the 2011 race season where I competed in 10 races as a beginner/sandbagger. I look forward to the 2012 race season sporting the Buy Local colors and hanging out with some of the nicest easiest going group of folks around.

Aaron Schmidt

I live in Portland and like it a lot, except for the fact that I have to drive to get to good mountain biking. In addition to spending too much time in front of my MacBook Pro doing my work as a librarian, I work out and train people at Crossfit Portland.

Lindsey Smith

I am a beginning racer out to get more experience on a new DeSalvo frame and looking forward to the road, short track and cross seasons.

Eric Vickers

I have been racing bikes of some form since age 9 and did my first Mt Bike race in 1987, The Resort to Resort mt. bike race in Bend, OR… I had only discovered mt. biking a couple of months before that. The hook was set! After a brief time trying to become a professional mt. bike racer, (not fast enough) had to get a job that paid the bills. I spent 14 yrs working and managing Hutch’s Bicycles West side in Bend. In 2002 I moved from Bend to Salem and went to work at The Bike Peddler in downtown Salem, a great shop! I have been racing on and off for a long time and love’n it! Especially cross! It’s like being a kid again, great atmosphere!

PIR P 1Steve Williams

After a lifetime of riding bikes for fun, a friend talked me into joining Buy Local. After one season of cross I’m hooked. It’s great to throw on our kit, hear the support of your teammates along the course, push your body to its limits, and get completely muddy. I’m still riding bikes for fun, but now I’ll throw in some racing each fall. It’s also great to support all the great cycling products from our state.