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We are slowly assembling a list of local companies and resources involved in cycling. This includes products made locally, owned by local companies, and finally US-based or US-owned companies making cycling equipment. It’s by no means exhaustive and very much a work in progress. Feel free to email suggestions and corrections.

Bike Framebuilders

Bike Frame Painting/Powdercoating

  • Coat – Vanilla’s Bicycle Painting off-shoot
  • Booker Enterprises – Portland based powder coating service
  • Class Act Powder Coating – Portland based powder coating service (they coat for Felt, Kona, and bunch of other manufacturers)

Bike Components, Local Companies, Locally Made Products

  • Bags
  • Components
  • Racks
  • Misc
  • Oregon Component Companies (Products made in Asia)
    • Portland Design Works – Grips, pumps, and accessories designed in Portland, produced in Asia
    • Rolf Prima – Eugene, Oregon based maker of wheels, some made locally, some in Asia
    • Nutcase Helmets – Multi-Purpose Helmets for Biking, Skateboarding

Oregon Based Web Retailers

Local Publications

  • Wend Magazine – Portland based adventure magazine
  • Red Bat Press – Old fashioned printer with wood-cut and letterpress type publications, postcards, posters, etc with a Cycling bent
  • Microcosm Publishing – Local publisher of zines, stickers, posters, patches, video with cycling bent
  • GravelTech – Publisher of One Speed Revolution and other bike ‘zines

Advocacy Groups

Clothing (Oregon-made)

Clothing (Oregon-based Headquartered)

Bike Related Services