Buying local cycling goods stimulates the local economy and reduces our CO2 emissions.


Less than 12% of the registered Oregon Cycling teams/clubs are supported by the local cycling industry. Most teams find sponsorship support from companies that make their goods in Asia and Europe. Products purchased from outside the US come with direct economic and environmental costs. From an environmental perspective alone, cargo ships that transport these products use low-grade fuel and are some of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases on our planet.

Our goal is to support local bike builders and other cycling goods made in our region. When products can’t be found locally, we’ll try to find companies based in the US before considering products made across the pond. Inevitably, you’ll see some non US made parts on our bikes. We do our best when we can!

We’re not self-righteous about it and we promise never to argue with you about the carbon footprint of your brake levers or knee warmers — we just hope people look to the wealth of options available in Oregon and the rest of the US first.