2010: The year of the tiger, muddy shoes, and seized bottom brackets


Buy Local Cycling Team (Crop)

I got nothing on Matt's infographic, but dang, Buy Local Cycling team members were busy in 2010. Team members participated in over 160 OBRA races (plus races in WA), including the Cyclocross National Championships in Bend, Oregon. ~63% of these races were ‘cross events, ~32% mountain (cross country and short track), and few road events sprinkled on top for good measure. Suzanne’s events (Tour Divide and the Oregon Stampede) are indescribable. That seems like a ton of racing/riding for a small team of 20 members. Nice work!

Pro/Cat 1 start line

Our team members were busy racing and helping organize team events. This was the second year for the Salem STXC series. We grew our participant numbers in 2010 and gave away a bunch of cash and prizes. Big thanks to Mike Peterson and Heltzel Williams Law and their willingness to sponsor the event. I’d also like to acknowledge Gordie’s (NW Multi owner) continued support of this event and the team itself. I cannot thank Buy Local team members Jim Allen, Jenny Vannoy, Carol Peterson, Patrick Jackson, and Dusty Miller enough for their sweat (literally, it was f’in HOT in August) and assistance. As usual, Jesse Finch Gnehem and his wife Kurstin helped the event registration/results run oily smooth. Kenji and Tessa Sugahara rocked it. Although I will not be directing the 2011 Salem STXC series, Jim Allen and Patrick Jackson have something in the works for 2011. Many thanks to Showers Pass, Bike Peddler, and Metafilter for supporting the series. I can’t recall if Patrick Jackson or Todd Dye won the jump contest? You can judge for yourself (Patrick vs. Todd).

As usual, Matt took some amazing photos during the series and they are posted here.

Ross Brody going past

Our third annual Heiser Farms ‘cross race was held on October 9th. I love this race. John and Kristi Heiser are super sweet, easygoing folk to work with. No stress for me and 2010 brought with it a ton of new stuff at the farm. Heiser Farms has fast become a favorite by many ‘crossers, especially those with children. The event is tentative for 2011. The Heiser’s are ready to host, but we’re searching for a race director. The event would not have gone so smoothly if it weren’t for Jenny Vannoy, John Divelbiss, Jesse Finch Gnehem, and the Cap Velo crew of volunteers. Again, NW Multi stepped up as a major sponsor and provided gift certificates and cash for the winners. I really hope to see this event in the future…maybe I can finally race it again.

Matt's Heiser photos are here.

Men C/Clydesdale

Buy Local, along with BicycleAttorney.com, capped off the 2010 race organizing calendar with the OBRA Cyclocross Championships held at West Salem High School. The local community really came together to make this race happen. All the Salem bike shops (Peddler, Scott's, Santiam) and bike friendly area businesses (Venti’s Café, Yenne Schofield Orthodontics, and Patrick Jackson Construction) stepped forward to make the event a reality in Salem. The highlight of the race day was the raffle. We raffled off a Giant TCX frame donated by Giant Bicycles/BikeNHike, a beautiful set of wheels from Corsa Concepts, several Showers Pass rain jackets, and gift certificates from BikeNHike and NW Multi. The Salem-Keizer School District and City of Salem were professional, well organized, and generous. We really appreciated both agencies’ willingness to work with us. After 10 months of planning, the event went off without…too many hitches. There was the matter of parking and some mud in the road, but in the end, everyone involved agreed that the event was a huge success. Over 800 riders and spectators took part. The first ever Cyclocross High School Champion was crowned. 85 bales of hay and 150 lbs of grass seed was spread….some the of the grass is already beginning to sprout! Team members John Divelbiss, Steve Williams, Eric Vickers, Matt Haughey, Carol and Mike Peterson, Jim Allen, Patrick Jackson, and Ross Brody (plus Kurt Haas from CV) really put themselves out to make this entire event a success. Steve’s wife and mom won the “Most-Valuable-People-Not-Actually-on-the-Team Award. Steve’s wife and mom showed up on Sunday, while we were cleaning up and spreading grass seed, with a Thanksgiving spread of food and hot chocolate. This was only the second year that the OBRA cyclocross championship race was detached from Cross Crusade Series. I believe we set the bar high for the 2011-2012 event promoter.

Matt's OBRA CCX Championship photos here.

Kristi Kelsey

So what’s on the calendar for 2011? I have decided to take a break from race promotion. There are some rumblings on the team about folks organizing the 2011 Salem STXC series and at least one cyclocross race. I really love putting on races (you have to) and will miss the planning and the chaos – but I am ready for a new challenge. I have had this crazy dream to build an extensive single-track loop in and around Salem. Mike Peterson has helped me make this a reality. Mike helped me incorporate the Salem Area Trail Alliance (SATA) as an Oregon non-profit and we are working toward 501(c)(3) status in 2011. The plan is to connect five Oregon State Parks on the West bank of the Willamette River and approximately 18 local wineries via natural terrain single track. We’ve already had some success finding support from IMBA's Trail Care Crew grant program. SATA will host an event sometime during the summer of 2011. We’ve also asked IMBA to conduct a feasibility to will allow SATA to move forward in 2011. We've applied for some support from Cycle Oregon. Wish SATA luck! We’re working on a SATA web page and all that other social media crap.

Once again I’d like to thank all of our sponsors – they are all very generous. They know damn well that supporting our team isn’t going to boost their bottom line (most often the opposite). The relationships we’ve built with our sponsors are strong and we appreciate their continued support in 2011. Without their generosity and dedication, most of us couldn’t afford to participate in those 150 events.

Metafilter, DeSalvo Custom Cycles, Northwest Multisports, Corsa Concepts, Shower Pass, Mt. Borah, White Bros, Nuun, Ruckus, and Scrub…THANK YOU! Here's [clank!] to 2011!!

Jeff McNamee
Buy Local Cycling