OBRA Championships Course Preview


We showed a few photos of the course last night at Hop Works last night and I'd like to share them here as well: photos of the course areas of Saturday's OBRA Cyclocross Championships in Salem.

Below, you'll see the asphalt straightaway that follows the start and ends after the red brick building with a hard left turn. Watch out for a few stray metal grates on the ground.

The start

Next, here is the horse show arena from the ground level, from the audience standpoint in the bleachers above, and the exit point we'll be racing through. The horse show arena will house the band, have food and drink as well as large stadium-style restrooms (yay, flushing toilets instead of porta-potties!):

Horse show arena ground

Spectator view of the horse arena

Leaving the horse show arena

The finish line will be under cover, at the tail end of a motocross track. Here's a shot standing on the finish, looking back towards the rest of the course. Riders will be coming from the right towards where I'm standing.

A dry finish line

Since there are no large elevation changes at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, we'll be doing a long run through deep sand to simulate a run-up. Here's a shot from the sand volleyball court area which is big enough to hold several full courts.

The sand monster

The pits will be housed under cover, in the horse warm-up building just outside of the horse show arena. There will be pits located here, the race course will weave into and out of it, and there will still be enough room for teams to warm up under cover from the rain.

Warm up arena/pit area

Warm up arena/pit area

Finally, the remainder of the course will be over paved areas, muddy areas, grassy areas, and may even include a water hazard. Here's a general shot looking out on the grounds away from the buildings

The grounds

Click through any of the photos to see them larger (click the "All Sizes" option just above the photo at Flickr to see larger versions)

One last reminder: online signups close at 5pm on Friday night. Save yourself time (that you could spend warming up Saturday morning) by signing up online before the deadline. See you Saturday!